The Vegas League

At Quick Draw Archery

Friday Evenings at 7pm

$12 per week - pay as you go


Starts October 26th, 2019

Runs 15 weeks 

Ends January 31st, 2019


  • Handycapped scoring will be used

    • 85% handicap after 2 scores have been shot.

    • Handicap will change after each new score but will not impact your previous weeks scores.

    • Sample Calculation:  Average score=280-->  300-280=20--> 20*.85=17--> Handicap=17.

  • Your best 12 scores will be totaled for final placement

  • Make Up scoring permitted (limited basis)

  • Guaranteed prize pool of at least $700

  • TOP 2 finishers + Pointmaster awarded

    • Pointmaster is defined as highest total score without X's being taken into consideration(excluding Twp 2 Finishers)

  • Separate division for non-compound shooters

Quick Draw - Center 11 League

Vegas with a Twist


Shooting Dates: Every Friday, 8/23/2019-10/11/2019 (8 Weeks)

Cost: $12 per week – Make Ups allowed the week after


·         Archers will shoot 3 arrows per end at a vegas target - Either 3 spot or single 10 ring.

·         Each week will consist of 10 ends for a total possible score of 330 points.

·         Archers will score following Vegas Indoor scoring with X's counting as 11 points.



CASH Prizes!!


Nightly Winners:

Compound shooters and non-compound shooters will be separated.  The Highest total score each week will receive a CASH prize equal to 25% of the total league fees for that evening, for their bow type.  In the case of a tie, a shootout will take place with inside out scoring.

Grand Prize Winners

Each Friday, participants will receive one entry into our drawing - The third place finisher for the evening will receive an additional entry, Second place will receive two additional entries, and First place will receive three additional entries.  At the conclusion of league on October 11th, a drawing will take place for the grand prize - Grand prize will consist of Cash based on league participation and is GUARANTEED to be a minimum of $150.00.