I'm brand new - can I come shoot?
We love new shooters!! If you've never shot before, we highly suggest booking a lesson to learn all of the basic safety and proper shooting form - Adults are generally ready to shoot "on their own" after only one lesson. 
How do I pay for my lesson?

Thank you for booking your lesson!  Lesson fees are due upon arrival at Quick Draw Archery

Do I need my own equipment to shoot here?


Absolutely not!!  We've got affordable rental equipment available.  Our rental equipment consists of high quality recurve bows and arrows.  Perfect equipment for learning and practicing the sport.

What are your hours?


We are open 5 days per week.  Tuesday, wednesday, friday from 2pm-6pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, and Sunday 11am-3pm.

I'm taking a lesson, Are your instructors qualified?


All of our instructors are carefully selected and fully qualified.  Instructors at Quick Draw Archery have a minimum of a level 1 coaching certification from USA Archery which is the most widely recognized certification in the industry.  In addition, each instructor has a minimum of 12 months experience teaching archery as an assistant to higher level coaches.  Most of our instructors are also competitive archers as well and are able to use that experience to help you be successful.