Clubs at Quick Draw Archery

JOAD Clubs - Ages 7-20

Junior Olympic Archery Development is a program of USA Archery for youth ages 7-20.  The Colorado JOAD community is thriving and has some of the best archers in the country.
Quick Draw has 3 separate JOAD teams with great coaches.  You are encouraged to meet with all of the teams to find the best fit for your child.
Below, you will find basic information about the teams.
NOTE: The JOAD teams are selective and reserve space for those archers looking to perform at a competitive level - For more recreational programs, check out the classes at Quick Draw Archery through YAA.
Straight Shooters JOAD

Coached by Kevin and December Lewis, the Straight Shooters is a team with a wide range of ages and disciplines.  The team is made up of Compound, Barebow, and Recurve Shooters.  Their coaching philosophy is based on evaluating each individual archer and identifying the area that needs to be worked on to produce the biggest impact to their scores.  The "feel" at team practices is relaxed and encouraging.  If you are looking for a "nothing but business" environment, then this team will not be a good fit.

The Straight Shooters boasts State Champions, Current Indoor National medalists, several state record holders, and the highest total medal count in the State of Colorado.

Contact Coach Kevin for more information regarding Team fees and practice schedules:

Straight Shooters

Heading 2

The Odysseys

The Odysseys is a team made up of all ages and disciplines. Currently they are being coached by Keegan and Brett, certified USA Archery coaches. They are a fairly new team, and are eager to have a lot of success. We are excited to see this team grow and continue to display a strong sense of community. 

Contact Kevin for more information. 303-683-2944

5280 Archers - Highlands Ranch JOAD

5280 Archers is the only non-profit, 501(c)(3) JOAD Club in Colorado.  5280 Archers has an entire team of volunteer coaches certified by USA Archery coaching USA Archery’s National Training System, working with the athletes which provides a good coach to athlete ratio.  The current dynamics of the team consists of archers 11 – 19 years old.  Most of our archers actively participate in local and national tournaments and have more mature/seasoned shooters and is 70% Compound shooters and 30% Recurve/Barebow who are excited to help and encourage our new archers.  

​5280 Archers boasts several State Champions, State Record holders, National Record holders, USA Archery Compound Dream Team Members and Nationally Ranked Archers.  

​Contact Head Coach Brent for more information regarding team fees and practice schedules: or 303-870-6461

Denver Xodus

Denver Exodus is coached by Tim Herrera who is an expert coach as well as accomplished tournament shooter himself.  Exodus is a Compound Only team and practices are very focused on mastering all aspects of the compound shot process.  Coach Tim is a mental management expert and incorporates the mental side of the sport into every one of his practices.

Denver Exodus boasts state record holders, state champions, and members of the USA Archery Compound Dream Team.

Contact Coach Tim for more information regarding team fees and practice schedules: